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  • 2. Dimensions
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Features
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Sustainability meets durability, design, and safety. PurePave Driveways offer unique advantages for our climate and your property value.

Earth Conscious Driveways.

Surface Type

* If pricing multiple surfaces, please design and price them one at a time.

  • Net-Zero Runoff Property Certificate
  • Fast Snow Melt (up to -14)
  • Canadian Granite colours
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistant
  • 6x Asphalt Strength
  • 40 Year Lifecycle
  • No salt damage
  • No ice build up
  • No Cracks


Estimate your dimensions as best you can. Your contractor will finalize and verify your measurements afterwards. Accuracy will help provide proper pricing.

Double Garages are usually 22 feet wide. Cars are 16 feet long on average.

Size of area


Select your natural granite / quartz / marble aggregates to match your interlock border.

Colours and brick pavers can be confirmed or switched after meeting with your contractor. They can also be switched or updated after deposit.

PurePave Type

All PurePave products are permeable and freeze-thaw resistant.

  • Heavy Traffic Durability
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Quick Snow Melt
  • 3800L / M2 flow through infiltration
  • No weeds, No Cracks
  • Canadian local granites
  • Snow Plow / tractor friendly
  • Reduced Heat-Island effect
  • 5 year warranty / 10 year available

PurePave Color

Border Type


Would you like to know the extra cost to add these features to your quote?

1- Check out Glow Stone! It's a mineral-based photovoltaic glow-in-the-dark aggregate.

2- Heated Driveway systems use less energy with PurePave. Melt snow for less.

3- Ask us about custom logo designs!

Leave out base construction

Please select this option if you do not require base installation.

Glow Stone

Heated Driveway System

Glycol heating systems are available for install in your area. Exact quotes need to be performed on site.

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Permeable base construction

Dimensions : 20 x 10 (200 square feet)

Surface Type : Driveway

PurePave Type : PurePave Rustic

PurePave Color : Black Light

Border : SnapEdge

Glow Stone : No Glow Stone

Not heated

10 Year Warranty : inclusive

Net-Zero Runoff Certificate : awarded